Four More Kitchen Appliances You Need

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Last month we posted about four awesome kitchen appliances we thought you should know about. We couldn’t help ourselves and we wanted to share four more. You don’t have to be a gourmet chef in order to love these fabulous kitchen appliances. Add them to your dream home wish list!

Sharp Supersteam Wall Oven

This 3-in-1 wall oven gives you the ability to have Superheated steam (up to 485 degrees), steam, and convection. The Supersteam is so hot that it heats the middle and browns the outside. This versatile wall oven allows you to bake, grill, roast, steam, and sauté dishes.

Liebherr Undercounter Pull-out Refrigerator UPR 503

Don’t let the boring name “UPR 503” detract from the fact that this set of undercounter refrigerator drawers is not boring, but instead highly functional and universally designed. UPR 503 can be adjusted in height and depth to match the height of the kitchen countertops. It’s also designed to allow for custom panels in order to match your cabinets. This refrigerator has 2 self-retracting pull out shelves and 1 drawer, so that you can easily reach your snack or your bottled adult beverage.

Wolf Induction Range

You may have heard of induction cooking technology. If not, induction uses magnets to heat the cookware rather than heating the stovetop/burner. This is a fairly new technology that many are embracing due to the level of temperature control, safety, ease of cleaning, and efficiency. Did we mention that we’re big fans of efficiency? It also serves as an alternative to gas. This particular range comes with the dual convection oven cavity and 10 cooking modes. The cooking modes include your typical Bake, Roast, Broil, as well as Convection options, and Proof and Dehydrate. The range is available in 30-inch and 36-inch widths in professional style and the new transitional style. The 36-inch style is exclusive to Wolf.

Marvel All-in-One Outdoor Refrigerator

Lest we not forget the outdoor kitchen, Marvel introduced the first ever outdoor refrigerator that has a freezer AND an icemaker option. Now you can ditch the cooler or bagged ice. There’s not really any need to explain why this is awesome!

Four Appliances For Your New Kitchen

Streamline Range Hood kitchen appliances

These 4 kitchen appliances for your home are hi-tech, good-looking, and super functional. If you’re into good design, cooking, or innovation then you should check out these kitchen appliances that were all mentioned in The Retail Observer magazine, a kitchen and bath industry magazine!

Streamline Hoods inNOVA Collection

Your range hood doesn’t have to be boring! Make a statement with the unique designs of this designer range hood collection. These range hoods have modern and contemporary styles with distinctive angles. They’re also ultra efficient and environmentally friendly (which we love). These range hoods have the R+D technology of Streamline, are made with DuPont Corian, and are an exclusive design by serra&delarocha.

Thermador 60 inch Pro Grand Steam Range

If you’re at culinary pro level cooking or you simply enjoy cooking and entertaining (or your spouse does), the Pro Grand Steam Range is an appliance worth considering. This cutting-edge kitchen beast is one-of-a-kind, not just because of its size. Thermador states, “it’s the only range available with a steam and convection combination oven plus a full-size convection oven.” This gives you the health benefits of steam cooking and the capabilities of convection cooking. It’s also customizable, allowing you to configure it the way that’s convenient for you.

Samsung Wi-Fi Slide-in Range

Why have a Wi-Fi connected range, you ask? Because convenience, that’s why! With Wi-Fi connectivity, you can monitor your range using your phone or devices. Left for work and afraid you forgot to turn it off? No problem! Turn it off from your phone. Pre-heat your oven right before you arrive home and pop in your casserole. Technology is better and better these days! Another cool feature is that this oven has a soft-close dual door for added flexibility.

Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator

Why not have a totally connected kitchen and check out Samsung’s Wi-Fi enabled refrigerator? This fridge has a touchscreen on the front that allows you to use apps designed not only to make your kitchen experience better, but your life as well. With this technology, you’ll always know what’s in your fridge and what you need to replace just by checking your phone. Sync multiple calendars so that you can keep track of everyone’s schedule. Write reminders and messages to each other. Check the weather. Say goodbye to magnets on the fridge and hello to digital photos. This refrigerator can even play music for you. You can legitimately tell your friends, “My fridge is better than yours.”

Stay tuned for more must-have appliances for your kitchen!