Why Asheville North Carolina?

So many folks just love Asheville North Carolina, and not only to visit, but to live. Brad takes you on a tour of the downtown area, showing you some delicious places to eat such at Curate, Limones, Buxton Hall BBQ, Salsa’s and more. Then Asheville beer at Burial Beer, One World Brewing, and Green Man Brewery. And let’s not forget about the great music scene here with venues such at The Orange Peel, Asheville Music Hall, and Grey Eagle!

Getting Ready for the Playhouse Showdown in Asheville North Carolina

Bellwether Builders has been a part of the Playhouse Showdown in Asheville for several years. Brad teamed up with Enka High School and their carpentry class to make this happen. The Playhouse Showdown, featuring BCS Career and Technical Education Programs, will take place Feb. 3-4.

Tickets are $5 each and winners will be drawn on Sunday, Feb. 4 while the Build & Remodel Expo is still happening. Winners will be contacted Monday, Feb. 5, 2019. Your ticket purchase includes admission into the Asheville Homebuilders Association Build & Remodel Show, which runs from Feb. 3-4 at the WNC Agriculture Center, right on the border of Buncombe and Henderson County. We look forward to seeing you there!

For more information, please see the Build & Remodel Expo Website

Bellwether Design-Build Wins Best Whole Home Renovation in Asheville

Best Whole Home Renovation Asheville

The team at Bellwether Design-Build is pleased to announce that we have been awarded the Best Whole Home Renovation in Asheville Pace Award by the Asheville Home Builders Association.

This renovation project was incredible to us, to say the least. We were able to salvage much of the foundation and structure of the home, keeping it’s soul alive, and then strategically building the additions to it to create this beautiful masterpiece. The home is located in North Asheville, with rear views of the Omni Grove Park Inn.

Construction renovation in the Asheville area is one of our specialties, for both residential and commercial projects. To discuss your building or renovation project with us, please fill out the Contact Form on our website. Thank you.

Letter From Enka High School in Western North Carolina

Bellwether Design-Build is excited to work with Enka High School year after year, guiding the students with their playhouse project.  Enka wrote us this letter recently to thank us for our involvement. We love doing stuff in the community, and this fit in perfect. Special Thanks to Eddie Smith, the carpentry teacher at Enka High School.

Your 2018 New Year’s Resolution Should Include Moving To Asheville

It didn’t take long for Asheville North Carolina to become a top destination to not only visit, but to live. As a builder, we are seeing many of the suburbs growing tremendously including Weaverville, Arden, Candler, and Black Mountain. Our most recent spec home sold the first day on the market, leaving many others waiting in line. It’s a sellers market because people want to buy, and people want to live here.

In Asheville we are known for our “Quality of Life”, and that includes many things. Here are some reasons why you would want to move to the mountains of Western North Carolina:

  1. The Great Outdoors – Asheville is outdoor heaven. With the Blue Ridge Parkway running through, you can be on the top of a mountain in no time. And not to mention… that in nearby Transylvania County and Brevard NC, there are so many great hiking trails and breathtaking waterfalls.
  2. Food – Asheville offers so much delicious cuisine that it is hard to choose sometimes. From southern cooking, to Indian food, to Italian cuisine: we have it all. Asheville Restaurant - Fig Bistro
  3. Music – The local music in Asheville is something that is close to my heart and life. There are so many incredible musicians that either based in the area, or travel through regularly.
  4. Beer – As you may have heard, Asheville is Beer City USA, so you cannot go far without stumbling upon a brewery that makes their own craft beer.
  5. Wine – Asheville has many great restaurants with hand-picked wine selections that focus of smaller local farms offering wines that are of high quality. And if you want to visit a few vineyards, Hendersonville North Carolina is just 20 minutes south, and they offer wine tastings, tours, and more.
  6. Community – The people of Asheville are known for being a diverse and accepting community, with much to offer for just about anyone from any walk of life.
  7. Because You Have A Builder Friend Already Here – That’s right, my name is Brad with Bellwether Design-Build and I am excited to meet you soon, design your home, and build it for you.Asheville Home Builder - Brad Rice

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Bellwether Design-Build Wins Asheville Pace Award For 2 Categories

Asheville Home Builder Floor Plan

Bellwether Design-Build is excited to announce that we have won two great awards from the Asheville Home Builders Association! Brad from Bellwether has created a heavy focus on a line of affordable spec homes going up in the Asheville area, and some on the outskirts in a few up and coming towns. If you do not know anything about a spec home, it is a home that a builder constructs and then sells, many times through a Realtor, or sometimes just on their own. For the sake of time and price, many builders do not allow the clients to pick out or change anything about the home, at least until it is purchased. Of course with the affordable housing crisis in Asheville, Bellwether made it a mission to not only build custom mansions, but also do a common line for folks who are looking for a starter home, or maybe a growing family.

Asheville Home Builders Pace Award - Public Relations

The first award won was the Asheville Pace Award for “Best Public Relations Effort”, which was based on a video project initiated by Gary of G Social Media, and it filmed the progress of the home from start to finish, ending with a video interview with the wonderful family who purchased the home on the first day it went on the market. You can see the video series on the Bellwether Design-Build Facebook Page.

Asheville Home Builders Pace Award - Digital Marketing

The next award won was the Asheville Pace Award for “Best Digital Marketing Effort”, and this was based mostly on the distribution of the video project on social media by Gary and the team, which resulted in thousands of targeted views from Asheville, and also many views from different cities and states. The end result… a line of clients patiently waiting for one of Bellwether’s homes to hit the Asheville market.

Custom Homes Curb the Odds of Home Buyer Remorse

Asheville Custom Homes

Rarely does a home buyer find a resale home within a designated time frame that is exactly to their liking. It’s not uncommon for homeowners to have a running list of remodeling projects, big or small, to tailor and adjust those probable shortcomings. But, renovations are not always practical, especially after spending thousands of dollars on a down payment.

Perhaps that’s why a staggering 44 percent of Americans today feel sorry about their last housing decision, according to a recent Trulia survey on real estate regrets. And, a third of homeowners say they wish they had opted for a larger dwelling. It’s safe to assume that those buyers would have fewer qualms had they been involved in the strategy, layout and square footage of their new residence from the start.

Consider the following ways custom home building minimizes home buyer’s remorse:


  • Cost savings


Nothing creates buyer’s remorse quite like purchasing a home that you later find costs thousands or more in upkeep and repair. A new home means new materials that aren’t as expensive to maintain. Everything from your roof to HVAC system to kitchen appliances are up-to-date, minimizing the odds of damage, failure, repairs and replacements. And, those new elements typically come with a warranty that lasts up to a decade. In a resale property, the materials and equipment within the home have a shorter lifespan left and are more likely to suddenly break down. Resale home warranties are also more likely to include certain limitations given their age.  


  • Efficiency


New homes are more efficient and “smart” than their predecessors. You can opt for green building materials, energy-efficient appliances or sustainable features that help curb your monthly utility bill significantly, all while reducing your carbon footprint. Energy efficient features are also beneficial for your home’s value and attract buyers when and if you decide to sell.


  • Less pressure


Many home buyers today across the nation are facing a serious lack of inventory while house hunting. Asheville and the greater Buncombe County area are widely considered seller’s markets because for-sale inventory is tight and prices are climbing fast. Last year, Asheville broke its previous records with an average asking price of $591,207 and 4,234 homes sold. Homes for sale in Historic Montford, a popular neighborhood north of downtown, saw a 4.5 percent jump in sales price over the past year. Kenilworth home prices are up a similar 4 percent since last summer. Within the Haw Creek real estate market, home prices jumped a shocking 22.6 percent over the last 12 months. It’s clear that sellers are at an advantage across the metro area. Unfortunately for buyers, this type of market may heed hasty decisions. With a custom home, you aren’t competing in a bidding war with other everyday buyers looking for move-in ready properties. Custom building gives leeway to make the right decisions without feeling rushed and minimizes overall stress related to the home purchase process.


  • Personalization


Everyone has their own idea of what the perfect home looks like. You might love a traditional interior design scheme while the next buyer prefers a cool, contemporary aesthetic. A new custom home is designed to fit your style seamlessly without having to spend money on a remodel down the line. Custom homeowners can choose minor features like paint colors and structural elements like flooring materials. Even the exterior architectural style is tailored around your personal panache.


  • Better layouts


While pre-owned properties can be charming and unique, the floor plan was based on the previous homeowner’s lifestyle and not yours. New construction custom homes are planned with your habits and preferences in mind. For instance, families with young children may prefer playrooms or homework areas while young couples could opt for yoga studios or home offices instead. You have full control over how your additional space, whether in the basement or attic, functions.

Custom home building offers several benefits to keep home buyers happy for the long term. For more information on custom homes in Asheville, contact Bellwether Design-Build or view previous projects for inspiration.

By Jennifer Riner, Trulia

Bellwether Design-Build Wins Innovative Home Award

Asheville Home Builders Lot 10 Ciel

Bellwether Design-Build’s latest custom home is now officially an award-winning home! Our home in the CIEL development in North Asheville, North Carolina won the Innovative Award from the Asheville Home Builders Association for the 2015 Parade of Homes. This is truly a one-of-a-kind ultra modern green home!

Lot 10 Ciel Bellwether Builders Asheville

There are quite a few features that contributed to our home winning the Innovative award. One of the most innovative features of this home is the design and construction itself. This home is placed and built to enjoy private views of downtown Asheville and Mount Pisgah. The home is built with cantilever construction at three levels that defy gravity as it reaches towards the mountains. The way the home is built and designed provides not just a unique modern style, but also three walkout roofs to enjoy the stunning views. The roofs have contemporary metal railings and Iron Wood Ipe decking.

The top floor is an entire private master suite, complete with a breakfast bar and the most dramatic views. The Kolbe VistaLuxe windows that are used throughout allow the homeowner to experience unobstructed views from multiple angles within a room, while remaining energy-efficient. There are even strategically placed windows within hallways and bathrooms so that you can enjoy the view and closeness of nature from nearly every space in the home!

Lot 10 Ciel Asheville Home Interior

The home’s design and construction is rarely seen yet well-thought out. The attention to detail from the vertical cypress tongue and groove siding to the detail of the drywall reveal around windows, doors and baseboard is superb. The luxurious finishes within this home certainly are a bonus as well!

Congrats and many thanks to Retro+Fit Design, who’s responsible for the thoughtful design of the house, as well as Allard and Roberts Interior Design for the interior design and decor.

3 Types of Home Building in Asheville

Asheville Home Building Project

There are a variety of ways to have a home built in Asheville, North Carolina. At Bellwether Design-Build, we work with each and every client on an individual basis. We find out the exact type of home that want to build and move into. We offer:

  1. Custom Homes – Work with us to design and build a custom floor plan for your dream home. Bellwether Design-Build can take it from a dream to a concept and then and make it a reality.
  2. Unique Homes – There are so many available upgrades to choose from, starting with your foundation, the types of walls, specialized materials, and more. We are educated and experienced on using a wide variety of efficient and eco-friendly construction initiatives.
  3. Spec Homes – If you do not want to go through the home building process and you simply want a new home that’s completed, you can also have a quality Bellwether home. Check back and take a look at the inventory of spec homes we have available at any time. Bellwether Design-Build builds affordable spec homes on property in the Asheville area often. They range from about 1,500 square feet and up and normally about 3 bedrooms. These homes are great for starter homes or for a small family!