Asheville Building Process


A “design-build” project encompasses all phases of construction: architectural design, interior design, landscape design and construction.

We’ve found it’s best for clients to assemble the best team possible at the start of a project. That’s because building costs alone don’t drive the price of a home. Size, architectural complexity, materials, and site improvements are the main contributors to the cost. These elements need to be coordinated from the beginning in order to create the home you want within your budget.

At Bellwether, we have spent years honing the best practices for design and construction. Here’s how it typically works:

1. Initial Consultation

We meet to decide if and how we can all work together. If you’re looking for land, we can make free, no-strings-attached referrals to a couple of realtors. When you find a few parcels you’re interested in, we can then advise how the choice of site will impact your design and construction options. We have designers who have proved themselves capable of working within a budget and with our firm. If you already have a design, no problem—we work well with other designers too.

2. Design/Cost Analysis

The design creation/revision process begins. You begin working with the designer or architect to develop schematic drawings. Once the basics have been decided upon, including the floor plan, square footage, and the architectural style, we provide building advice on costs. This may result in adjustments before the architect moves to the final set of plans. If you already have plans, our cost analysis may prompt revisions in your design.

3. Final Estimate

Once the drawings are finalized and approved, we create a working budget. All costs are shown and explained to the client. A construction and payment schedule is provided too.

4. Construction

We’ll provide you with a work and payment schedule. We’ll also ask you to participate in site meetings, scheduled weekly. We’ll keep you informed of all mandatory inspections and manage all subcontractors until completion.